Hanging Mason Jars

I wish I had more time. Obviously, this is no secret. I think we all do! When I am feeling totally overwhelmed, all I want to do is take a break from the world and bake something delicious or poor my heart into a fun craft. Truly, I don’t have the time to do that as much as I wish. But every once in awhile I try to throw together a quick DIY craft to brighten up my home or to give as a gift for a friend. These Hanging Mason Jars are exactly that! It takes five minutes, you only need five items and then you have something beautiful to spruce up your outdoor space!

This is what I would call a quick craft! Everyone needs a craft that has simple supplies and can be put together in minutes!

If you saw my Sneek Peek you had a glimpse at these beauties.


Hanging Mason Jars:


Mason Jar (or any jar you have would do)
glass beads
picture hanging wire
flameless candle
ribbon or twine

(The Dollar Tree often has glass beads, flameless candles, and ribbon. So, not only quick and easy, this craft can be quite affordable.)

How To:

1. Take mason jar and place glass beads inside. Put flameless candle on top of the glass beads.
2. Wrap picture hanging wire to make a handle. I secure it underneath the lid lip. Make sure it is tight.
3. Tie a ribbon or twine around the jar. Make a bow.
4. Put on your porch and enjoy!

hmasonjar1 hmasonjar2
Seriously, it is that easy! I love how beautiful they look on my porch. Especially at night, lit up! I used twine and blue glass beads because they match the theme of my porch, but I love that if I change my mind I can totally switch it up! You can use whatever colors fit your mood. I love crafts that you can change for the seasons or that you can update as you change your decor. I have mason jars all over my house and I use them in my kitchen for many things. I know they are all the fad right now and sometimes can be over done. Honestly, I don’t care. I LOVE them because they are so versatile. Enjoy your quick craft! Have a glass of wine with this and then enjoy another glass on the porch as you admire your work!

Here’s to finding the time for what you love,


6 thoughts on “Hanging Mason Jars

  1. They look very nice. Thanks for sharing DIY I hope I can find some time to try and then I can hang them on the deck. Sometimes we have dinner on the deck!

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