Homemade Hot Cocoa

The holiday season is in full swing. Our Christmas tree is finally up! We have been listening to all of our Christmas Pandora stations, watching Christmas classics like Elf and Scrooged, and drinking tons of hot cocoa. We have five … Continue reading

Porch Rules Chalkboard Sign

Secrets revealed, I am a late night crafter. When I craft it’s usually late and sporadic and out of a total desperate need to get some energy out of my system. Mostly because Pinterest made me do it! I have been slowly updating our very small patio. In this process, so far I’ve learned I don’t have a green thumb, but I do have good taste in outdoor throw pillows. Can’t win ’em all!

One late night, while browsing patio ideas on Pinterest, I came across a Subway Art style Porch Rules sign. I fell in love. Many samples I saw were from sellers on Etsy and are very cute! I wondered if I could recreate it myself. Immediately I dashed to my craft drawers and stash of  treasures to see what supplies I already had because obviously I needed to do this right now,  at bed time. The dog rolled his eyes and went to lay in his bed. My dog rolled his eyes at me, does yours do this?

This is what I have uncovered in the stash:

Old Framed Cork Board
Chalkboard Paint
Chalkboard Pen
Gold Paint (any color would do)



Directions to Porch Rules Chalkboard Sign:

Step 1: Slather the old framed Cork Board  in chalkboard paint. I used Martha Stewart’s Chalkboard Paint, but usually I am a fan of the spray can chalkboard paint. It wasn’t in my stash and like I said I was on a mission. I put on two coats and followed the drying instructions. I had to wait for the drying time, which meant the next day. Boo!

Step 2: After the chalkboard paint, I painted the wooden frame with gold paint, to jazz it up. This part is all up to you. Paint in whatever color suits your fancy.

Step 3: I arranged my pseudo Subway Art sayings on a piece of paper to plan how it would all fit in. Find sayings that fit you and your family. I added pieces I saw online and then some of my own. As soon as I had a plan, I just went for it. I wish I would have taken more pictures of the process, but I was in a hurry. The part I love about this, is that I didn’t decide to paint the lettering. This is where chalkboard rules! If I messed up, I wiped it off and started again. I also love that if I want to change it up for the seasons, I can wipe it off and start fresh! I want to practice my typography lettering now for future late night crafting! For a first try my lettering wasn’t half bad. I don’t think they will hire me to be a Starbucks artist, but for my porch it will do.

That’s it friends! An easy and adaptable diy! In reality, it took very little time overall. Waiting for the paint to dry was the longest part. Enjoy the last month of the summer! I know I will be sitting on my porch with some sweet tea very soon!

As you can see Zero eventually got out of his bed to see what I was doing. I think he likes it!


Sneek Peek Sunday

Also since it is Sunday, I thought I give you a sneek peek into my next DIY post. It takes five minutes and you only need five items! This is a five minute mason jar craft that is so easy and will liven up any outdoor space. Stay tuned friends!



Here is to porch sitting,