Washi Tape Mini Flags

I love cupcakes and that is no secret. I have always been a cake addict and something about the mini sized version of a cake is so appealing to me. I love cupcakes so much that I hoard cupcake liners. It’s a problem. Seriously, it looks like I am ready to open up a bakery. Decorating cupcakes is one of the best parts, besides eating it of course. For my sister’s birthday I made these S’mores Cupcakes and to give them some birthday pizzaz I added some cute washi tape flags. The mini washi tape flags are a cute addition to the cupcakes and make them so festive.

Washi Tape Cupcake Flags

washi tape flag

Washi Tape Mini Flags Tutorial

Mini Washi Tape Flags

1. Grab supplies. You will need toothpicks, washi tape, and scissors.

2. Wrap the washi tape around the toothpick.


3. Cut off the excess.


4. You can cut an upside v-shape into the flag to give the flag some design.


You could use these flags for cupcakes, but they also go great with bite sized food. These washi tape flags make any party come to life.

Here’s to the mini-sized washi fun,


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