Washi Tape Letter

As promised in my last post, a Washi Tape Tutorial on a Block Letter. Truthfully the plain white block letter had been hanging on my gallery wall for quite a while. One day when I was reorganizing my washi tape, I saw the striped pattern and it struck me that it matched with the colors on my gallery wall. You can  guess from there what happened. In a matter of minutes, I had walked in the next room taken down the letter and started to washi away. The whole project took just a few minutes and it was back up on the wall in all its washi glory. I love the result. The best part of the whole thing is if I change my mind I can take the washi tape off. Washi is so great like that.

If you have never worked with washi tape it is a paper tape that can be applied easily to many surfaces. It has pretty decent stick to it, but can easily be taken off as well. It almost sounds too good to be true! There is so many great washi tape ideas out there as well and it so easy to use the ideas are endless.


Washi Tape Block Letter Tutorial

I use the word tutorial loosely. It is so simple. You can decide to washi your letter any way you choose. The stripes were diagonal on this tape, so I made the tape diagonal so that the stripes were horizontal on the letter. Since I worked with a Y block letter, I pulled the tape across from one side to the other to make the edges match. I then cut the excess with scissors. If you want to be very exact an x-acto knife would work as well.

Washi Tape Letter Tutorial

I left a blank strip of white towards the bottom to add some contrast. You can design your block letter any way! Your washi tape design will help you decide which way to go. You could even do a pattern with TWO washi tapes!

Washi Tape Letter

This is the letter from the side. You can see it is pretty clean. If I had used an x-acto knife I think I would have had a much cleaner edge, but for quick scissors work great! Also,  if you wanted to washi tape the sides you easily could.

Washi Tape Letter Side

This is the finished product!

Washi Tape Letters

Here’s to the brillance of washi tape,


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