Free Thanksgiving Place Cards

The week before Thanksgiving is always hectic. As a teacher, our first trimester report cards are due and I can’t imagine how to fit all I need to do in this little week before break. This past week I have been wrapping up testing and working on report cards, so thinking about Thanksgiving day seems miles away, but at the same time it is all I can think about! I’ve been dreaming of fried turkey and pumpkin pie. I love Thanksgiving and it is my favorite holiday by far. I love spending the day with my family eating the most delicious food. I am so thankful for each of them and so glad for all I have been blessed with.

As a little gift to show how thankful I am for all of you readers, I have made Thankful Name Cards. I made these beauties with beautiful banner clipart from Lindsay Jervis. Check out her store here. These place cards would be great at your family Thanksgiving or your Friendsgiving. Enjoy! Happy Thanksgiving to all!


Here’s to having a full and thankful heart,


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