Easy Tomato Basil Soup

I’ve been waiting for the cold weather so I could cozy up with a blanket and have some soup. For a brief moment this week we had cooler weather, but in true Southern California fashion it went away quickly. Of course, in those brief days of cool weather I didn’t get around to making soup and I’ve been desperately craving soup. I decided soup weather or not I was going to have some! Tomato soup is one of my favorite soups and this Tomato Basil Soup is quick and easy. I love to make it on the weekend and take the leftovers in my lunch. It only takes about 15 minutes for it all to come together making it great for a weeknight meal. Most importantly, it goes perfectly with a grilled cheese!


Easy Tomato Basil Soup


2 cans of (14.5 oz) Diced Tomato
1/4 cup of diced onions
1 tsp of minced garlic
1 tbsp of butter
1 cup of chicken broth
1 cup of milk
1/2 cup of shredded mozzarella cheese (plus extra for toppings)
1 tsp of dried basil


Melt the butter in a large pot, once melted place the diced onions and minced garlic. Lightly brown the onions and garlic until soft. Next, put the two cans of diced tomatoes into the pot. Stir the onions, garlic and tomatoes together. Once combined take the contents of the pot and put them into a blender. Blend until smooth. Then place the blended mix back into the pot. Add the chicken broth and milk and cook until bubbling. Add dried basil and salt and pepper to your liking. Stir in mozzarella cheese. Serve warm.

Here’s to soup weather,


3 thoughts on “Easy Tomato Basil Soup

  1. Wish I could send some of the snow we received last night your way! It’s beautiful:) I love a warm bowl of soup in the winter and tomato is one of my favorites! The basil and mozzarella in yours remind me of Caprese salad. Thank you for the recipe!

    • Oh my goodness snow! That’s what I was dreaming about as I was cooking this soup. Yes, this soup has all the flavors of a Caprese salad, which is one of my favorites! If you don’t go the grilled cheese route, having bread to dip in olive oil and balsamic vinegar along side this soup is divine! 🙂

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