Secrets of a Young Wife Blog!

I have wanted to start a blog for quite awhile. It has taken a long time to get here for a multitude of reasons, but finally here I am. The purpose of starting this blog is two-fold. First reason is simple, I love to share. If I bring dinner to a friend, share baked treats, make something homemade, take a picture on Instagram or post a Facebook status on my handiwork, I am always asked for a recipe, a how-to, or a secret. Since I am not great at keeping secrets, I would love to share them with you here. If something makes my life easier, happier, or especially yummier…I want that for you too. Secondly, I like to be organized (that doesn’t mean I always am…I just like it). I found that I was emailing recipes, texting how-to directions, and scratching things on paper from memory. Instead of doing all that I would like to share it here. This makes the first reason of sharing…easier and more organized. I am excited to see what we uncover here. Secrets of a Young Wife is now unleashed. Enjoy!

P.S. Thank you to those who encouraged me to finally take the leap (after talking about it for waayyy too long).  Especially to my dearest husband and my wonderful friend and fellow blogger ( ), I am so appreciative of your unending support and love in all things.


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